My First Post

April 19, 2009

So here’s the deal, I’ve been sitting on this blog for months now wondering what it was I was going to blog about. What is it that I think I can contribute to the already plethora of educators out there hosting fantastic blogs? I’m getting ahead of myself, let me back up a bit.

My mom (@joy49) – nice twitter plug for my mom who is an amazing middle school educator/media librarian- sent me this article back in early February. It’s about how educators can use blogs and Wikis as a source of continual professional development.

That article started me on a search for blogs that interested me and people that I thought could help me in educating my fifth graders. Wow! I thought I knew, but I had know idea of how this simple endeavor would affect me (and my students). I started finding all these wonderful blogs about what other teachers were doing in their classroom, fantastic tools that they were using, great books and articles that they were reading, etc, etc, so on and so forth. So of course I thought what a great thing this blog stuff is, I wanna try writing some of that with my class (theirs is still on the back burner simmering – and it smells delish) and have one as well for myself.

Which brings me back here. What is it that I can contribute to the world of blogs? The answer to that question is not a whole lot I’m afraid. Not a whole lot. But rest assured the cake is not all dough. I have decided to use this space to write my reflections on other and posts I come across and quite possibly, maybe guide you to some bloggers and posts that you wouldn’t have read otherwise.

Let’s see how this works out and Welcome to my journey and log of becoming a better teacher!



  1. Yes, I didn’t really have to worry about what I was going to say, because I didn’t really understand what social educational networks were. I only started my blog, so I could document my professional development, just as you mentioned.

    When I first started bloging, if I had known that people would be reading my educational blog, I probably would have hesitated also. The take away story is: Write for yourself, and you will find your posts attract like minded educators.

    You have a great start. Just enjoy!

  2. First, it is obvious by the enthusiasm and knowledge I have seen you share that you absolutely do have much to contribute. Don’t sell yourself short.

    Two, you are modeling what you want your students to do by doing your blog first. I did it backwards and am now trying to catch up. See http://attheteachersdesk.blogspot.com/2009/04/there-is-value-in-collaboration.html for that explanation.

    Three, you are intelligent enough to seek out help from your PLN. This shows me you are really ready to do this. So, congratulations on starting your blog. I expect to read lots of good posts from you.

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