Can We Really Change The World

April 22, 2009

So for our first “public” posting. I decided to challenge my kids with a question that I’ve always wondered about. As we were researching and looking up the answer to the question. I was affected by what a student asked during this time. I told the kids that we really need to make sure we can back up findings because you guys can change the world.
“Mr. Smith do you really think one classroom can change the world?” (If you haven’t seen Paper Clips I would suggest the rental)
That in itself was enough to knock me back. I tell my kids this all the time, but I’ve never really had a student call me out about it.
“Of course Wade, One person can change the world” As I then proceed to rattle off all the great men and women in history.
“Yeah, but I’m talking about us.”
“Of course you can.”
Sure you can see the eyeballs rolling, as they did and the sighs of whatever. They were however still psyched about the assignment though because this was a time we can tell the grammar guru’s to shove it and that is always a good feeling. Sorry Miss Cowen. Which we did and posted.

Fast Forward to the end of the day. We check the blog to see if anyone has commented from the #comments4kids tweet I had sent out earlier. This is what we saw


(They haven’t seen yours yet Carey but they will in the morning :))

“Whoa A seventh grader is going to know now.” “She was told in high school” “Guys look she said thanks for the grammar help.” “We really did help people” Mr. Smith let’s see where they are from so I can tell my mom I helped someone in another state today”

Thanks for helping my kids see that they really can change the world even if we are just one classroom!

Thanks @wmchamberlain and @capohanka For what I truly believe will be a powerful twitter tradition. If you haven’t had a chance to read what #comments4kids is all about then might I suggest taking a peek at Wm Chamberlain’s post on the subject and get to commenting. You can change the world!



  1. I, too, have learned more today about life and changing the world than I ever thought possible. I am almost speechless about the entire experience. Imagine, though, if someone had told us we could change the world…anything is possible!

  2. Enjoyed your post and commenting on blogs! Thanks!

  3. This is a great start to #Comments4Kids. Most class blogs take lots of time to gain any traction. Hopefully we can continue to increase the numbers of participants, and by doing that become an encouragement to more students and teachers. Great second post!

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